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We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve watched brands come and go, but we’ve stayed. You, our discerning listeners, have built a community that makes every day count, and we are grateful. To join the conversation, visit our new community portal and engage with our presenters, staff and other listeners. You are the reason we are still here.

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We are all family here.

It's kind of surreal to realize that I've listened to Atlantis practically my whole adult life. It's been there with me as i went through all the ups and downs.
Kwesi Mfum
My husband and I tune in like clockwork every morning on our drives to work to listen to the morning drive. It's been our ritual. Can't touch that dial.
Gia Adofo
Used to tune in back in the 2000's when I lived in Accra with my mum. Just found out about this live stream a week ago, and now I'm locked back in. Love Atlantis!
Mike Ubgo

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